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  1. Anything sticky. The stickier the candy the worse it is on your teeth, because they stick around and linger on your teeth which increases your chance for cavities. So you might want to rethink eating those Jujubes, Tootsie Rolls, and that dried fruit, etc.
  2. Lollipops… You may be sitting here thinking why a lollipop? It is because while you are sucking on the lollipop your teeth are constantly being exposed to the sugar and other additives. Frequency of exposure increases your chances of harm to your teeth.
  3. Gummy worms, because they have the most acidity. The acid is bad for your teeth because it wears down the enamel on your teeth, which in turn makes it easier for your teeth to become chipped or broken. The enamel also insulates your teeth, so a lack can expose the nerves in your teeth and could cause sensitivity to hot/cold.


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  1. Dark chocolate is the “best” candy for your teeth by a wide margin. Chocolate may be more effective than fluoride at fighting tooth decay, according to several studies, due to the compounds in chocolate that help harden your tooth enamel. The compounds in the cocoa beans also have an antibacterial effect that helps fight plaque.
  2. Sugarless candy/gum, for example candies with stevia or candies that are safe for diabetic’s to consume. Sugarless is second best because when you eat the candy with the sugar, the sugar upset’s the PH and the bacteria in your mouth. When the PH and bacteria in your mouth is thrown off due to consuming sugar, the bacteria uses the sugar that is consumed to create acid, which in turn causes tooth decay.
  3. Candy bars with a lot of nuts. When you have a candy bar with a lot of nuts, it helps to break up the stickiness in the candy that increases your chances of tooth decay. The nuts can also help break up some of the biofilm on your teeth.