Smokeless tobacco is tobacco that is not burned, for example: chewing tobacco or chew, oral tobacco, spit, or spitting tobacco, dip, snuff. Most commonly people that use the smokeless tobacco will chew or suck on the smokeless tobacco then spit out the juices that build up, because the nicotine is absorbed through the lining of your mouth. Chewing tobacco and other smokeless tobacco products may be less dangerous, but the long-term effects can cause serious health problems. There is not a safe alternative to tobacco use. Even with smokeless tobacco products, they still contain nicotine and other very harmful additives.

Listed below are some of the risks associated with smokeless tobacco products:

  • Tooth Decay– more often than not smokeless tobacco companies add sugars and other harmful additives to enhance the flavor, but increases the bacteria in your mouth, and will start to erode the healthy tooth enamel, in result will cause cavities, in addition to tooth decay.
  • Receding gums– the smokeless tobacco products can cause the gums to become irritated which can cause the teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold, and then may cause the gums to recede. Once the gums recede the teeth have a higher risk for tooth decay.
  • Cancer – just like cigarettes smokeless tobacco products contain on average over 28 cancer causing agents. Signs and symptoms of oral cancer could be but not limited to; any irritation, tenderness, burning sensation, and or a sore that just won’t heal; pain or tenderness anywhere in the mouth, and lips. Development of lumps, patches of discolored tissue in the mouth; difficulty chewing, swallowing, and or speaking.
  • Addiction – even though you may be using a smokeless tobacco product, your body still may absorb as much nicotine as if you were smoking a cigarette. You also can suffer from withdrawals just like if you were smoking a cigarette, for example you could experience; cravings, increased appetite, and irritability and or depression.

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So for the sake of your health and well-being say no to tobacco products, and for those of you wondering how to quit CALL (800) QUIT-NOW, for free support from a trained counselor.