Dental Implants FAQ

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into the jaw bone to hold a replacement tooth, bridge, or denture. Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to decay, periodontal disease, injury, failed root canal, or root resorption.


How long do implants take to heal?

Dental implants can take two to several months to integrate into place. The bone around a new implant needs time to heal so it can secure the implant into place.  On average we say from start to finish the process is approximately four months.  However, each patient and circumstance is different so this process can be slightly shorter or even a bit longer.


How much do implants cost and does insurance cover the cost?

In general, the cost of replacing a single tooth with a dental implant is almost the same as replacing it with a regular fixed bridge. Dental implant treatment may qualify for some insurance coverage, but situations vary. The cost will vary by patient needs, bone quality/quantity, and region. Dr. Kim will make an assessment based on your unique needs.


Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Almost anyone who is missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth are candidates for dental implants. Talk to you Dr. Kim for your specific needs.


What is the success rate of dental implants?

It varies from individual to individual and with health and habits. For a healthy individual with good oral hygiene and good health, dental implants are predictably successful with reported success rates above 90-95 percent.


Do dental implants last?

Unlike natural teeth, dental implants are not susceptible to dental disease such as decay; however, the health of the gums is vital to maintaining lasting implant success. Conscientious home care by the patient and regular professional cleanings and check-ups are essential elements for dental implant sustainability. Each patient is different, and success relies upon diagnosis and planning, medical history, and a variety of other factors.

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